New Release - Catching Sunrays!

I am beyond excited to introduce my newest children's book - Catching Sunrays! When an author and illustrator are in sync - pure magic happens! Thank you Vidya Ravindra Artful Whims for your creativity & dedication! Signed pre-order copies along with a special gift will be available soon!

Catching Sunrays is a touching story about a young girl, who like many children today, are bored when they aren’t in front of a screen. Amber receives a special surprise when her Grandmother takes her to a nearby park to discover a world that exists beyond what her eyes can see! Amber learns of ancient secrets on how to connect with nature by Earthing, catching sunrays, and more! This story will inspire your reader to discover and connect on a deeper level with all of the natural beauty that surrounds them. Robyn Ringgold